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Do you want to comment our activities, or have questions about diagnosis, treatment, biomechanics, clinical research status of the SIJ? Submit your comments and question and we publish it together with our answers here.

"I highly appreciate that an association is now dealing intensively with this problem which is an urging problem within the field of spinal pathologies - not only in the respect of surgical therapies. I consider it immportant that this - oftentimes mystifyingly approached - problem of SIJ now starts to enter the solid ground of natural science." (Prof. Dr. med. Jürgen Harms, 05-12-2015) 

First of all I want to congratulate you for bringing together so many interested, and in some cases, experienced professionals for a forum on what sounds like both surgery and conservative treatment for the, I presume, dysfunctional SIJ. That is something I wish I could have accomplished here in the states, but ...... prevented anything like that happening here. You Europeans are so far ahead of us in your ability to collaborate early on things." (Bruce Dall, MD, 05-09-2015)

"I have given talks on the subject at the University of Florida and to the Florida Orthopedic Society as well as North American Spine Society. It will be a privilege to join your international faculty at this first international meeting. I will encourage my friends to attend." (Arnold Graham Smith, MB,BS, FRCS, FACS, 04-27-2015)

"I like the SIMEG brochure and the tentative schedule. I don’t see attention within the schedule to the healing problem. We need attention beyond the typical controversies. Someone should discuss the problems of bone healing, salvage, stimulation, hormones, etc. We will find patients, and we will diagnose them. We will postulate on their pain mechanisms… but can we get them to heal if we operate on them?"
(John G. Stark, 04-07-2015)

"...and once again, we appreciate your efforts to bring everyone together to solve this problem so neglected by our peers. And, as Harry S Truman, 33rd President of the US, said; 'You can get almost anything done if you don't care who gets the credit for it.' I hope your meeting gets it done!" (Jeff Donner, MD, 04-01-2015)

"I am really thrilled about the increased interest of my life commitment – the sacroiliac joint. You might know I have been working on the field since 1986. I am very glad to hear that several orthopedic surgeons are realizing the importance of the SI-joint. As well I think planning of a conference is extremely important to give it an important impact. The fate of the SIJ should be taken care of." (Dr. Bengt Sturesson, 02-26-2015)

Surgery for the Painful, Dysfunctional Sacroiliac Joint A Clinical Guide
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