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SIMEG Newsletter 2015-01

SIMEG breakfast symposium at German Spine 2014

  •  Prognosis: 50.000 annual SIJ-surgical cases in the USA after 2020
  • 14 SIJ-Implantat-Systems
  • Risk of neurovascular injuries must be decreased
  • International conference on SIJ surgery in September 2015
  • 2-arm study is required (surgical vs. non surgical treatment)

SIMEG is introduced to the medical society during the annual meeting of the German Spine Society

Founded in September 2014, it took a year to register SIMEG as a non profit medical association. During the annual meeting of the German Spine Society a breakfast symposium on Friday morning a 07:30 h was surprisingly packed with more than 100 attendees. Following the introductional address of Prof. Seeber about purpose and target of SIMEG basic presentations revealed the urgent questions about SIJ surgery:

  • Projectmanager Michael Dierks presented a summary of 14 actual SIJ fusion systems which are used clinically, either in an investigational surrounding or already considered to be a standard treatment - though no RCTs are available for any of the systems. 
  • Anatomical challenge of SIJ surgery were highlighted by John Stark from Minnesota. He emphasized the risk of intraoperative injuries of neurovascular structures and presented cadaver dissections showing unpredictable routes of the NV bundle. 
  • The newly introduced implant systems IFuse® (Dr. Deml, Bonn), SILEX® (Dr. Lack, Vienna) and Transmaxx Bolt® (Mr. Röbling, MAXXSPINE) were clear examples of the different approaches to the problem of SIJ pain treatment which cannot be addressed by conventional methods in the end. 


Expected annual case numbers of 50,000 interventions in the USA after 2020 and the fact, that until now there are no independent qualified clinical studies available made clear, that the community needs to solve the urging tasks which were presented by SIMEG president Dr. Volker Fuchs: 

  • to generate a study design applicable to any surgical fusion procedure
  • concept of a therapeutical algorithm on which a non surgical control can be based
  • Agreement on a diagnostic standard algorithm to diagnose SIJ pathologies
  • development of particular SIJ scores and questionnaires
  • Investigation of risk factors for symptomatic SIJ arthrosis after lumbar fusion surgery
  • collection and provision of an up to date  SIJ literature bibliography
  • data base of SIJ fusion procedures and products to help 3rd party hospitals in revision cases
  • Installation of a national/international register of SIJ fusion cases 
  • Regular SIJ conference in 2 - 3 ys interval (aspiring to cooperate with other societies and meetings) 

Although there was no room for discussion within the short hour of the symposium, the participants gave positive feed back and confirmed the necessity to deal with this subject interdisciplinarily and independently.

The following members meeting confirmed new members and decided to start the first projects:

  • concept of a therapeutical algorithm on which a non surgical control can be based
  • organization of a international SIJ conference 2015 
  • Development of a user certification protocol as a guideline to standardize pre- and postoperative treatment and to qualify surgeons as SIJ experts. 

In the later session of the German Spine Society Dr. Fuchs presented the results of a 24m multicenter study with 200 patients on SIJ surgery. The audience realized that this is a serious topic and independent studies need to be conducted.




Präsentation Dr. John Stark: Neurovaskuläre Strukturen

SIMEG Newsletter 2015-02


SIMEG 2015 Conference Site
SIMEG 2015 Conference Site
  • status of organization for the SIJ conference 2015
  • update of the website
  • recent publications on SIJ topics
  • next members meeting

1st international conference on SIJ surgery, Hamburg, Germany: status

The organization for the conference to be held on Sept. 18th and 19th is almost completed:

  • 18 international speakers confirmed their participation
  • the initially planned one day conference is extended by another full morning session
  • an anatomical course and a physio course is offered
  • seven companies expressed their interest to participate
  • registration site is open now

The Dorint Hotel in Hamburg was chosen to be the venue due to its location close to the airport and the Learning Center of the Forensic Institute of the Eppendorf University Hospital, where the workshops will be held on Saturday afternoon. A contingent of rooms are pre-booked in the hotel until Aug. 1st.

The majority of the conference budget will be used to fly in and host the international faculty. Justified by the quality of presentations and discussions, we decided to raise conference fees. Each presentation will take 30 min. including discussion, round tables will dive deeper into the topics and answer the most urging questions.

The conference will be audio and video recorded, the recordings will be presented for participants free of charge.

Öffnet internen Link in neuem FensterREGISTER NOW

Website updates:

Newsletter, two language pages, informations on surgical procedures are updated now. It is a lot of work, and you are welcome to help us by sending your knowledge of

  • new surgical procedures
  • updated case numbers, trends and facts
  • up to date publications, particularly on clinical results
  • revision reates of clinically used SIJ fusion systems

You are welcome to comment our website including critical remarks. If you want to be listed on the Öffnet internen Link in neuem Fenster'doc search' site, please send in your contact data and information on your experience in diagnosing and treating disabling SIJ pain. There will be a questionnaire to download soon.


Recent SIJ publications 


  1. Referred pain location depends on the affected section of the sacroiliac joint 
    Daisuke Kurosawa*, Eiichi Murakami* & Toshimi Aizawa (ESP March 2015, Volume 24, Issue 3, pp 521-527), 
  2. Surgical and clinical efficacy of sacroiliac joint fusion: a systematic review of the literature. 
    Zaidi HA1, Montoure AJ, Dickman CA.
    "For MIS patients, excellent outcome, judged by patients' stated satisfaction with the surgery, ranged from 56% to 100% (mean 84%). The reoperation rate after open surgery ranged from 0% to 65% (mean 15%). Reoperation rate after MIS ranged from 0% to 17% (mean 6%). Major complication rates ranged from 5% to 20%, with 1 study that addressed safety reporting a 56% adverse event rate. CONCLUSIONS Surgical intervention for SIJ pain is beneficial in a subset of patients. However, with the difficulty in accurate diagnosis and evidence for the efficacy of SIJ fusion itself lacking, serious consideration of the cause of pain and alternative treatments should be given before performing the operation."
  3. Radiostereometric analysis of sacroiliac joint movement and outcomes of pelvic joint fusion.
    Kibsgård TJ*, (Acta Orthop Suppl. 2015 Apr;86(359):1-43. doi: 10.3109/17453674.2015.1022707)
  4. The Effect of Implant Placement on Sacroiliac Joint Range of Motion: Posterior vs Trans-articular. Soriano-Baron H1, Lindsey DP, Rodriguez-Martinez N, Reyes PM, Newcomb A, Yerby SA, Crawford NR (Spine (Phila Pa 1976). 2015 Feb 19. [Epub ahead of print])
  5. Utility of Intraoperative Neuromonitoring during Minimally Invasive Fusion of the Sacroiliac Joint. Woods M, Birkholz D, MacBarb R, Capobianco R, Woods A (Adv Orthop. 2014;2014:154041. doi: 10.1155/2014/154041. Epub 2014 Dec 4)
    Full PCM Article
  6.  Agreement between clinical practice and trained central reading in reading of sacroiliac joints on plain pelvic radiographs. Results from the DESIR cohort.
    van den Berg R1, Lenczner G, Feydy A, van der Heijde D, Reijnierse M, Saraux A, Rahmouni A, Dougados M, Claudepierre P. (Arthritis Rheumatol. 2014 Sep;66(9):2403-11. doi: 10.1002/art.38738)
    Öffnet externen Link in neuem FensterAbstract

Next members meeting

The meeting will be held during our annual conference. Further information will be provided in the members section of the website.








SIMEG Newsletter 03/2015 and ICSJS conference report

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June 6th:

Read Bruce Dall's Post which discusses SIMEG in relation to NASS. Very encouraging to continue our private engagement.

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whould you support a SIMEG convention also in the US?



SIMEG Newsletter 04/2016 - October and ICSJS 2016 Conference Report

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