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3rd International Conference on Sacroiliac Joint Surgery, Tampa/Florida, Feb. 21st - 24th

Meet with an International faculty of Pelvic Pain Experts for round table discussion:


  • Concepts of interventional Pain Management
  • SIJ Fusion Methods
  • Diagnostic Guidelines
  • Surgical Guidelines
  • Non-surgical treatment Guidelines
  • Concepts of Clinical Studies

Education and teaching of SIJ pathology and anatomy has often been neglected within the major medical societies. Surgical level indication was mainly referred to traumatologic strategies or to preventing measures when long distance spinal instrumentation was involved (e.g. scoliosis surgery). To avoid post fusion degeneration a common technique is to add a spino-pelvic bridge. 

The complexity of neurovascular structures are a challenge during the guide pin placement. Limited options for bone preparation required for solid fusion as well as comorbidities, osteoporosis or other factors might prevent expected bone healing. In these cases revisions will become necessary, which often cannot be done by surgeons who are not familiar with these methods.


Repeated meetings serve to discuss these topics and to develop teaching standards. Visit our conference pages with video reports about the previous meetings 2014/2015/2016 in Hamburg/Germany and save the date for the next ICSJS 2018.

Education Highlights

We intent to develop educational hands-on and theoretical training courses to teach:

  • anatomy
  • neurovascular structures
  • osseus environment
  • ligaments
  • biomechanics
  • diagnosis and indication
  • physical examination techniques
  • manual conservative treatment
  • diagnostic imaging
  • diagnostic CT-controlled injection
  • surgical training (practicing surgical approaches using bone models and human specimen) 

The courses and lectures will be offered in specialized centers as well as in anatomical institutes as well as during the upcoming meeting in February 2018.


At this spot we want to inform you about recommended meetings related to SIJ dysfunction. Please feel free to submit your proposals by email.