SIMEG - sacroiliac medical expert group

Facts & Purpose


1. Sacroiliac joint dysfunction could be responsible for up to 35 percent of low back pain cases. There were around 13,000 sacroiliac joint fusions performed in 2018 (US + EU).*

2. In 2014 the iData report predicted the number of sacroiliac joint fusions would exceed 50,000 per year by 2020.* Today we realize it's much less than that.

3. In 2010 the sacroiliac fusion market was considered to be a significant portion of the spinal fusion market. Companies started to participate by developing SIJ fusion devices - but based on what? SIJ surgery is NOT spinal surgery.

*Source: iData Research


  • Our purpose is to gather surgeons and non-surgeons experienced in diagnosing and treatment of SIJ dysfunction in order to avoid misdiagnosis, mistreatment and misinvestments.
  • We develop education modules for surgical and non-surgical treatment, case registries to document each SIJ fusion cases with various techniques.
  • We intend to develop diagnostic and treatment guidelines as well as international standards and requirements for testing and developing SIJ fusion devices based on biomechanical and clinical investigations.
  • Osteology experts are invited to discuss enhancement of bony fusion.


Pubmed research m.blay
Pubmed research m.blay