ICSJS 2018

3rd International Conference on Sacroiliac Joint Surgery, Tampa/Florida, Feb. 21st - 24th

Meet with an International faculty of Pelvic Pain Experts for round table discussion:

  • Concepts of interventional Pain Management
  • SIJ Fusion Methods
  • Diagnostic Guidelines
  • Surgical Guidelines
  • Non-surgical treatment Guidelines
  • Concepts of Clinical Studies


The SI Medical Expert Group (SIMEG) welcomes you to the 3rd International Conference on Sacroiliac Joint Surgery in the beautiful city of Tampa/Florida. Hosted and co-organized by the Center of Advanced Medical Learning and Simulation (CAMLS) you are attending a conference with a high scientific attitude, exploring one of the last unknown topics of orthopedic and spine surgery.

There will be much room for discussions, and we encourage you to ask your questions, present your experience, your doubts or critics to raise a lively unbiased discussion and make this conference a success to gain a new perception of the treatment options for the often overseen painful sacroiliac joint.

T. Kibsgard, President V. Fuchs, Vice President T. Freeman, Scientific Committe

Learning Objectives

  • Validate SI Joint pathology as a real source of pain and disability.
  • Define normal versus abnormal SI Joint anatomy and how this can affect both the pathology and treatment. List methods of diagnosis of SI Joint pathology
  • Describe methods of initial treatment and non-surgical treatment of SI Joint pathology.
  • Summarize surgical options for SI Joint pathology treatment.
  • Review surgical skills for SI Joint pathology treatment


# Name First Name Title Faculty Institute City Country
1 Beck Carter MD Neurosurgeon Providence Montana Neurosurgical Specialists Missoula, MT USA
2 Cross William Prof Orthopedic Surgery Mayo Clinic Rochester, MN USA
3 Cusi Manuel Prof School of Medicine University of Notre Dame Australia Sydney Australia
4 Dall Bruce MD Orthopedic Surgeon Borgess Brain and Spine Institute Kalamazoo, MI USA
5 DePalma DePalma MD Interventional Spine Care Virginia iSpine Physicians, PC Richmond, VA USA
6 Donner Jeff MD Orthopedic Surgeon Colorado Spine Institute Loveland, CO USA
7 Eden Sonia Prof Neurosurgery of Kalamazoo Borgess Brain and Spine Institute Kalamazoo, MI USA
8 Freeman Thomas Prof Department of Neurological Surgery and Brain Repair University of South Florida Tampa, FL USA
9 Fuchs Volker MD Orthopedic Department AMEOS Clinic Halberstadt Germany
10 Graham-Smith Arnold MD Orthopedic Surgeon Baptist Medical Center Jacksonville, FL USA
11 Hurley Daniel MD Endocrinologist Mayo Clinic Rochester, MN USA
12 Ibrahim Richard MD Orthopedic Surgeon Pain Clinik and Sports Medicine Munich Germany
13 Kazakova Tatjana MD Orthopedic Department AMEOS Clinic Halberstadt Germany
14 Kibsgard Thoma PhD Orthopedic Department University Hospital Oslo Norway
15 Kurosawa Daisuke MD Department of Orthopedic Surgery, LBP and SIJ center JCHO Hospital Sendai Japan
16 Le Huec Jean-Charles Prof Ortho-Spine department Bordeaux University Hospital Bordeaux France
17 Lewis Adam MD Neurosurgeon Jackson Neurosurgery Clinic Flowood, MS USA
18 MenMuir Brett MD Orthopedic Surgeon Reno Orthopedic Clinic Reno, NV USA
19 Murakami Eiichi Prof Department of Orthopedic Surgery, LBP and SIJ center JCHO Hospital Sendai Japan
20 Patel Vikas Prof Department of Orthopedics University of Colorado Aurora, CO USA
21 Polly David MD Departments of Orthopedic Surgery and Neurosurgery University of Minnesota Minneapolis, MN USA
22 Reckling Carlton MD Department of Medical Affairs SI-Bone San Jose, CA USA
23 Sichting Freddy MD Professorship of Human Locomotions Technical University Chemnitz Germany
24 Stark John MD Orthopedic Surgeon Backpain Clinic Minneapolis, MN USA
25 Szadek Karolina PhD Department of Anesthesiology VU University Medical Center Amsterdam Netherlands
26 Vilims Bradley MD, DABPM Anesthesiologist Colorado Pain Specialists, PC Denver, CO USA
27 Welsh Susan DC School of Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Sciences University of South California Tampa, FL USA


  • AlevioSpine, LLC Alabama USA
  • Aventic Group Florida USA
  • Bauerfeind AG Germany
  • DJO Global, LLC Florida USA
  • Globus Medical Pennsylvania USA
  • Halyard Health Georgia USA
  • Joimax GmbH Germany
  • LifeSpine, Inc. Illinois USA
  • Mazor Robotics Ltd. Florida USA
  • Medtronic, Inc. Minnesota USA
  • NUTECH Spine Alabama USA
  • OrthoReBirth Texas USA
  • SI Bone, Inc. California USA
  • SIGNUS GmbH Germany
  • SI-Technology, LLC Colorado USA
  • VGI Medical Florida USA
  • Zimmer/Biomet Colorado USA
  • Zyga Simmetry, Inc. Minnesota USA