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Daisuke Kurosawa, President elect 2023
Daisuke Kurosawa, President elect 2023

Dear SIMEG members as well as members of the SI joint surgical community,

I am honored to be elected as the new president of SIMEG. I kindly invite you to our series of webinars which we started during the pandemic and which prooved to be very efficient. The next meeting is scheduled for November 19th. It will address sport physicians to discuss Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction in ahtletsThe meetings are free of charge, pre-registration is not necessary. The access code to the  meeting will be displayed here on the day of the meeting.

Thank you for supporting SIMEG. I am looking forward to exciting and constructive discussions with our friends all around the world.

Daisuke Kurosawa MD,
SIMEG president
Dept. of Orthopaedic Surgery / Japan Sacroiliac Joint and Low Back Pain Center
JCHO Sendai Hospital, Sendai, Japan

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Comment by Daisuke Kurosawa |

Thank you to our member Dr. William Cross for the truly excellent talk on TV. I learned a great deal. Also, I appreciate your introducing the SIMEG web site, more people will get to know SIMEG through your great job.

The relation between sacroiliac joint (SIJ), hip joint, and lumbar facet joint is very important as you mentioned. I also experienced several patients with severe SIJ pain, whose were relieved after surgery for femoral acetabular impingement (FAI) first. As you presented, we, surgeons, can perform hip joint injections easily using ultrasound. In addition, we really need to pay attention to concomitant pain generators, including facet joint and lumbar disc as well.
I would like pain clinicians to watch his lecture, which contains important information for them, too.

For us surgeons, his reports of revision cases are also important. I respect all SIJ experts who practice minimally invasive surgery (MIS). I understand that really many patients were recovered well with new developed MIS devices. While recognizing its advantages, we must carefully assess the indications for surgery based on his reports to see which cases require revision surgery.

Excellent lecture, thank you Woodie!

Daisuke Kurosawa

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