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The satellite symposium on April 2nd is cancelled

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ICSJS 2019 is cancelled

The question "Is SIJ-fusion a must have tool in the arsenal of a spinal surgeon?" was pro- and con debated by Prof. Bernhard Meyer from Munich, Germany and Jeff Donner, MD,  at the ICSJS 2016 in Hamburg, Germany. Steve Garfin's talk on "Spine surgeons neglegted the SIJ as a treatable pain generator for so many decades - what changed my mind!?" could have helped to deeper understand this dilemma.

However, in spite of the internationally well renowned speakers like William Cross, Joseph Fortin, David Polly, Jonathan Sembrano, Bengt Sturesson - just to mention a few we regret the cancellation of the meeting due to lack of registrations aside the faculty and vendors.

SIMEG will continue to find answers and to start educating the SIJ surgical topic unbiased - which also means until now unfunded. The ICSJS 2020 is scheduled for May 15/16 - you may even save the date now. The venue will be Hamburg/Germany.