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SIMEG Webinars and Online Conference

For ongoing discussion we initiated our new way presenting cutting edge information about sacroiliac joint surgery that is internet based. Our Board had agreed to complement our annual meetings with 1.5-hour internet conferences offered every 2nd month. They are open to SIMEG members, the SIJ surgical community, as well as representatives from industry. These spot webinars are free of charge. Contact us to receive your registration link.

Due to the COVid-19 progression the 4th international conference on sacroiliac joint surgery had been shifted to May 2021. Though there is now hope for vaccination, the actual pandemic situation also in Germany forced us to cancel the conference in Hamburg once again. We changed the modus and the ICSJS 2021 will also be held as a video conference (see below).


Recorded Webinars

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View the full length webinars. We hope, that you will be encouraged to sign in for membership. We need your expertise and of course your membership fees to continue our projects:

  • ISAR: International Sacrioiliac Arthrodesis Registry
  • Literature research
  • Education in diagnosis and treatment


ICSJS 2021 Virtual Conference March 6th, 2021

Jeffrey E. Donner, MD, President elect
Jeffrey E. Donner, MD, President elect

We kindly invite you to participate in our annual conference on sacroiliac joint surgery. The CoVid19 pandemic still prevents us from public meetings, so the ICSJS 2021 will be a video meeting. Lectures are pre-recorded and presented live. Each lecture includes 10 minutes presentation and 5 minutes to discuss. Medical device providers may use the opportunity to present their latest technolgy by a short clip during the meeting (included in the session, no breakout room) at a moderate fee.

Thanks for attending and supporting our efforts to explore the challenging topics of pain management, diagnosis, surgical and non surgical treatment of sacroiliac joint dysfunction. And of course we would like to have you on baord as a dedicated SIMEG member! Therefore, to receive the inviting link you need to be registered. The moderate fee allows for free and unlimited view after the conference and a year membership in SIMEG at no additional cost.

The event is awarded with 6 CME credits by the "Ärztekammer Nordrhein", Event no. 2760512021160410019

ICSJS 2021 Registration

To receive the participation and download link, please support us with a minimum fee of 60 EUR. It includes live participation, unlimited view after the conference and a year membership in SIMEG with no additional cost, if you're interested. Thanks for supporting SIMEG!

Time Schedule

Scientific program

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Lecture # Start   Speaker Lecture Discussion
  14:45 Meeting open      
  15:00 Welcome Fuchs 0:05  
1 15:05 What do we know and not know about SIJ diagnosis and treatment? Kibsgard 0:10 0:05
2 15:20 Anatomy and histology of the SIJ - are we all different? Hammer 0:10 0:05
3 15:35 Innervation and pain generators of the SIJ - well understood? Szadek 0:10 0:05
4 15:50 Biomechanics of the SIJ - shock absorber or moving joint? Sturesson 0:10 0:05
  16:05 Bauerfeind: Sacroloc Schuler 0:10 0:05
5 16:20 Influence of sagittal balance on SIJ pain - does pelvic incidence matter? Le Huec 0:10 0:05
6 16:35 SIJ injcections - how to do it and what´s the value for diagnosing SIJ pain? Kurosawa 0:10 0:05
7 16:50 Denervation of the SIJ - can we talk about durability? Roberts 0:10 0:05
8 17:05 X-ray, CT, SPECT-CT and MRI - what´s the adequate individual choice? Hermann 0:10 0:05
  17:20 Medtronic: Rialto   0:02 0:03
9 17:25 Registries - still a challenge? Sobottke 0:10 0:05
10 17:40 SIJ registry - what is ISAR? Blay 0:10 0:05
11 17:55 Technique, pitfalls and revision strategies - lateral approach Dengler 0:10 0:05
12 18:10 Technique, pitfalls and revision strategies - oblique approach Majd 0:10 0:05
  18:25 Si-Bone: SImulator   0:02 0:03
13 18:30 Technique, pitfalls and revision strategies - posterior dorsal recess approach Stark 0:10 0:05
14 18:45 Technique, pitfalls and revision strategies - posterior inferior approach Donner 0:10 0:05
15 19:00 Fusing the spine and the SIJ at the same setting? Franke 0:10 0:05
16 19:15 Clinical improvement after SIJ fusion - a literature review Polly 0:10 0:05
17 19:30 Summary Freeman 0:10 0:05
  19:45 End      


Sacroiliac Medical Experts

ICSJS 2021 Faculty
Blay Martin MD Kantonsspital Münsterlingen 8596 Münsterlingen CHE
Dengler Julius MD Helios Klinikum Bad Saarow, Neurochirurgie 15526 Bad Saarow GER
Donner Jeff MD Colorado Spine Institute CO 80538 Loveland USA
Franke Jörg MD Klinikum Magdeburg, Klinik für Orthopädie 39130 Magdeburg GER
Freeman Thomas MD Department of Neurosurgery and Brain Repair, University of South Florida 33602 Tampa, Fl USA
Fuchs Volker MD AMEOS Klinikum Halberstadt 38820 Halberstadt GER
Hammer Niels MD Macroscopic and Clinical Anatomy. Gottfried Schatz Research Center: Medical University of Graz 8010 Graz, Austria AUT
Hermann Kay-Geert MD Universitätsklinikum Charité, Institut für Radiologie 10117 Berlin GER
Kibsgard Thomas MD Oslo University Hospital, Dep of Othopedics 0424 Oslo NOR
Kurosawa Daisuke MD JCHO Sendai Hospital 961-8501 Sendai JPN
Le Huec Jean Claude MD Bordeaux University Hospital   Bordeaux Frau
Majd Mohammad MD American Health Network, Clinical professor, Indiana university 47150 New Albany USA
Polly David MD University of Minnesota 55401 Minneapolis, MN USA
Roberts Shannon MD Univ. of Toronto L4MLC4 Barrie, Ontario CDN
Sobottke Rolf MD Rhein-Maas Klinikum GmbH, Betriebsteil Marienhöhe, Ztr. F. Orth. u. UC 52146 Würselen GER
Stark John MD Backpain Clinic 55401 Minneapolis, MN USA
Sturresson Bengt MD Aleris specialistvard 26262 Ängelholm SWE
Szadek Karolina PhD Department of Anesthesiology   Amsterdam NDL


Medical Device Industry

Suppliers are invited for short presentation clips during the meeting. NO BREAKOUT ROOM! Please ask for details.

Latest SIJ Technologies
Company County/City Country Presentation Sponsor
Alevio Spine, LLC Alabama USA    
Bauerfeind AG Zeilenroda Germany x x
Globus Medical Pennsylvania USA    
Ilionmedical, Inc. Minnesota USA    
LifeSpine, Inc. Illinois USA    
Medtronic, Inc. Minnesota USA x x
NUTECH Spine Alabama USA    
RTI Surgical, Inc. Michigan USA    
SIGNUS Medical GmbH Alzenau Germany    
SI Bone, Inc. California USA x x
SI-Technology, LLC Colorado USA   x
VGI Medical Florida USA    
Zyga Technology Minnesota USA    
Zimmer/Biomet Colorado USA