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ISAR" Registry for unbiased clinical reports

The total number of surgical SIJ fusion procedures is far less compared to other orthopedic procedures such as spine, hip or knee surgery. ISAR offers the growth of a wide data base for unbiased science. Especially in case of new technologies in the absence of a gold standard the registration of surgical cases is helpful to understand the healing process and pros and cons of various new devices and technologies. And, moreover, surgeons and patients can participate and will be able to observe the benchmark of clinical outcome after SIJ fusion.

In cooperation with ESD in Innsbruck SIMEG has now installed the International Sacroiliac Arthrodesis Registry (ISAR). Create your user account by filling out the form below and join this important project.

ISAR Registry

To join ISAR, at the time being, you must be an active SIMEG member. If you are, please fill the form below (marked fields are mandatory). A CSV-file will be created and sent to the ISAR adminstrator who will confirm your registration. Thanks for joining this important project!

Please use the membership application form if you want to join SIMEG.

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