Scientific Program

The character of our meeting is a symposium rather than a big conference. This format allows a one day meeting, intense discussion, inspiring face to face meetings. Attendants might be able to just arrive on the day of the meeting and don't need extra accomodation. The scientific part of the conference is set up for a hybrid meeting to offer online participation. In case of unsuitable timeline we offer delayed view at your convenience. Registration is mandatory. Please make your choice with your registration.

For online participation view your time zone

10:00 h
Session 1: A talk from the founder
How I started sacroiliac joint surgery, how SIMEG was founded and my vision for the future
(Volker Fuchs)

10:30 h
Session 2: Lectures focusing on hip-sacroiliac-syndrome in collaboration with ISHA



Introduction: My impressive experience of hip-sacroiliac-syndrome

Daisuke Kurosawa


My story as a patient with SIJ dysfunction, FAI, and lumbar disc herniation

Jeffrey Donner


Hip surgeon‘s view on SIJ treatment

Martin Blay


Hip first, SIJ second

William Cross


SIJ dysfunction secondary to FAI and the overlap between deep buttock pain and extra-articular hip impingement.

Soshi Uchida from ISHA

12:00 h
Workshop: Physical examination for SIJ and hip joint (5 min. presentation and 10 min. practice)


Physical examinations including items of SIJ scoring system
in Japan

Daisuke Kurosawa


The Mayo SIJ examinations

William Cross


Physical examination of SIJ and hip by a hip surgeon

Martin Blay


Physical assessment for joint laxity including SI and hip joint

Pierre d’Hemecourt

- 13:00 h Lunch -

14:00 h

Session 3: Ceremonial lecture (from US)
Sacroiliac joint pain - for tens of thousands - the pain ends here (Bruce Dall)
Ceremony to Dr. Bruce Dall for his lifetime achievement recognition award. Chairman Jeffrey Donner

16:00 h - 17:30 h (on site only)
SIMEG: 10 years of exploring the „terra incognita“
Greetings from the SIMEG manager and co-founder (M. Dierks)

SIMEG annual members meeting, official invitation

  1. Statement of quorum and agenda
  2. Report of the president and board
  3. Report of the treasurer for fiscal year 2022
  4. Report of the cash auditors
  5. Discharge of the treasurer
  6. Discharge of the board
  7. Board election
  8. Introduction and approval of the budget 2023/2024
  9. Miscellaneous

18:30 h

  • Anniversary Get Together