SIMEG - sacroiliac medical expert group

SIMEG was founded by spinal surgeons, seeking answers for unsolved cases of low back pain. We are convinced, that sacroiliac joint dysfunction needs scientifically orientated surgeons and non-surgeons to develop an educational program to find and teach the right diagnosis and treatment - unbiased.



The sacroiliac joint has been negleted as a cause of severe low back pain since years. As always in history once a new orthopedic surgical playground has been detected, economical desires grow faster than the scientific knowledge. Whereas back in the 1980s spinal surgery was performed only by a few dedicated and experienced pioneer surgeons, several major societies today - after almost 40 years - are still opening new barrels of unanswered questions. Questions of pain generators, of diagnosis, of RCT designs and many more.

Though initially based on the knowledge of an industrial sponsored clinical user group, SIMEG is not favorizing any surgical procedure or implant system. Our ethical code is unbiased research. Surgery is the last option in the long line of patient's pain history and treatment which  we help to explore BEFORE considering surgery.

"Right now, the SIJ fusion world is a total free for all that is using one approach (the 510(k) approach) with no one but industry in charge of educating the surgeons or providing oversight for the surgeries that are being performed. Complications do occur, and are currently managed in haphazard ways with no accountability to anyone. The one person who is really left out of the equation here is the patient. (Bruce Dall)"