SIMEG - sacroiliac medical expert group

First of all I want to congratulate you for bringing together so many interested, and in some cases, experienced professionals for a forum on what sounds like both surgery and conservative treatment for the, I presume, dysfunctional SIJ. That is something I wish I could have accomplished here in the states, but ...... prevented anything like that happening here. You Europeans are so far ahead of us in your ability to collaborate early on things."

Bruce Dall, MD, 05-09-2015

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Special Interest Groups

Sacroiliac joint treatment is a specialty discipline. It had been neglected for decades by surgeons, but is a common part of pain doctors and physiotherapists daily practice. There had been little scientific investigation, and even more before SIMEG was founded there had been no research group dealing with this topic.

Here we address these special interest groups. Please get in touch for your contribution which helps to improve our knowledge.